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Position Description

1.    Executive Director will be expected to perform the following job duties:

- Promote membership and participation in the NM National Guard Association. 
(Additional incentives for increased membership)
-  Develop and increase corporate sponsorship of the NM National Guard Association.
(Additional incentives for bringing in new sponsors)
- Develop new methods of fundraising ( additional incentives with increased donations)

- Work with the treasurer to advise the financial oversight committee and board of directors on the status of funds monthly.

- Advise the financial oversight committee and board of directors on the status of funds monthly. 
-  Incur and authorize such incidental expenses as may be necessary in the direction and operations of the affairs of the NM National Guard Association its employees and headquarters office.
-  Retain such other professional counsel, consultants or advisors as may be required and as are authorized by the board of directors.
- Coordinate with NGAUS regarding national and state conferences and will attend both national and state conference with full reimbursement 
-  Maintain NMNGA official website and update as necessary
-  Perform all other duties and functions as may be defined from time to time by the board of directors.

2.    The Executive Director agrees to be subject to the general supervision of and act pursuant to the orders, advice and direction of the board of directors.

3.    The Executive Director agrees to abide by the board of directors rules, regulations, and practices.  This is a telework position and does not have an actual office or expected place of work. 

4.    The Executive Director’s  primary place of work will be at the following location:

       47 Bataan Blvd, Santa Fe, NM 87505.

5.    Some travel may be required

Position will remain open until filled



Give us your contact information and we will reach out to you and request a copy of your resume! 

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