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Why Join?: What We Do


Benefits of NGAUS/NGANM Membership

NGAUS – National Guard Association of the United States

  1. NGAUS lobbies at a National level on our behalf. They are our voice in Washington DC. Each year we enjoy more and better benefits, equipment, facilities, training resources, and full time manning because of NGAUS. NGAUS keeps us informed on National issues that impact the states.

  2. NGAUS receives resolutions from all states each year. They develop and consolidate these resolutions. They use these resolutions as the foundation of their legislative program.

  3. NGAUS holds an annual conference each year to conduct business, approve resolutions, provide professional development, interface with vendors, and hold training classes.

  4. NGAUS runs the National Guard Museum and maintains a record of our rich and proud history.

  5. Members receive the monthly National Guard Magazine.

  6. Members receive discounted travel benefits.

  7. Members are eligible for preferred vision care thru NGAUS.

  8. NGAUS provides technicians with quality Disability and Term Life Insurance.

NGANM – National Guard Association of New Mexico

  1. NGANM serves as a strong advocate for the National Guard, all Guard members, Guard Families, and the Guard community.

  2. NGANM lobbies at a State level on your behalf. NGANM is your voice at New Mexico State Legislature. Each year we fight for your benefits.

  3. NGANM receives resolutions each from members, vendors and other individuals. They develop and consolidate these resolutions.

  4. NGANM holds an annual conference each year to conduct business, approve resolutions, and interface with vendors. We approve resolutions and forward them to NGAUS.

  5. NGANM provides SSLI – (State Sponsored Life Insurance) to all New Mexico Guard members.

  6. NGANM issues a quarterly newsletter to keep you informed.

  7. NGANM supports the local community. (Salvation Army, Red Cross, and Family Support etc.)

  8. NGANM has a scholarship program.

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